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Compass Adjustment Damage Survey - Cargo
On/Off Hire General Condition & Bunker ROB survey Deadweight/Draught Survey
Bunker surveys Pre-Purchase survey
Supervision discharge of bulk cargo supervision of loading bulk cargo
Petroleum cargo discharge survey Stuffing/unstuffing survey
Scraps and metal wastes survey Container Inspection On hire
Container Inspection OFF hire PTI reefer containers
Inventory Inspection Sea trial & Malacca Straits Pilot services
STS operations Yacht inspection
Vetting inspection RO RO cargoes
Stability calculations Lashing /Securing
Vehicle inspection Claims Investigation
P& I club condition surveys Valuation surveys
Hatch and tank inspection Barge inspections
Towage suitability Sampling
Tug Boat Inspection De-Sloping Survey
Draft Survey Chemical composition analysis
Measurement of sludge bags Debunker Surveys
Bunker Dispute Survey Inspection of Ship Tank
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